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Turning an End into a Beginning – Veronica Lanzetta

21 November 2016

Life now is normal, not extraordinary or full of adventure; it is settled and everything I want it to be.

Once upon a time, not so long ago – after a life-saving double lung transplant and a month in hospital – I took my fur babies for an emotional and overdue walk on the very day I was discharged and allowed to go home.  I was still very weak but I was determined to do it.  I managed a 20-minute walk that first time as it took a long time to build up my muscles.  I had to start slowly, gradually walking further each day.

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and underwent a double lung transplant on Friday. 13th February 2015 – unlucky for some but for me it’s the day a new chapter began.  A little over a year ago I was on oxygen 24/7 and required a non-invasive ventilator overnight – and sometimes during the day – to help me breathe.  I was housebound, which is so isolating, but my dogs stayed on the bed with me and never left my side!  They seemed to understand I couldn’t walk them; it made me feel so guilty.  My family took on the dog walking duties but I felt that I was missing out on the fun.

Suddenly I had new lungs!  Walking the dogs for the first time I just kept smiling and they kept looking at me in disbelief!  It made me even more emotional as I realised how much they truly understood.  It was a great feeling to be in control and finally rid myself of some guilt I felt for not being able to play with them and walk them. Now we walk every day; we run, play and have lots of treats.  I believe they helped to keep me alive when I was waiting for my transplant.  Their unconditional love was motivation to keep going and make me hold on until my new lungs arrived!  Walking them daily is also helping me to stay fit.

Life now is normal, not extraordinary or full of adventure; it is settled and everything I want it to be.  Living independently, working, studying and just living life happily ever after!

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