What We Do

As a charity we hope to encourage people to register as organ donors via awareness campaigns, events and activities.

By encouraging people to talk about organ donation and exchange views on the subject, whether or not they have been directly affected, the whole concept has become less taboo and more a celebration of what could be – and how uplifting it could feel to know that, as a donor, you might possibly save a number of other lives. Similarly, we hope that relatives of those who have donated their organs will draw comfort from the wider knowledge that their loved ones live on by way of helping others to achieve their dreams.

LLGL also funds initiatives to improve the welfare of (and outcome for) patients in need or receipt of organ tissue transplants, in addition to supporting the public recognition of donors and their families. 

We believe that united we are stronger, which is why we are proud to work closely with other transplant organisations such as UK Transplant (UKT), previously more familiar as NHSBT, and The Donor Family Network.  In addition we continue to support research at both Newcastle Institute of Transplantation and Imperial College (WLRTC - West London Renal & Transplant Centre). 

By raising awareness we can, ultimately, help to save lives.

Sign up, then speak up.  Make it your legacy.



Live Life Give Life began in March 2006 as a T-shirt campaign set up by two friends - Emily Thackray (then 22) and Emma Harris (then 33) to raise awareness of organ donation.  Both women suffered from Cystic Fibrosis, the UK's most common life-threatening genetic disease, which causes progressive lung damage.  The average life expectancy of a CF sufferer in the UK was just 31.  In the final stages of the disease a double lung transplant offers the only hope of survival.

In 2005, Emily had been told that her lungs had become so badly damaged that without a double lung transplant she was unlikely to live beyond a year.  She joined over 8,000 other people in the UK on the transplant waiting list knowing that 50% people waiting for lungs die due to the chronic shortage of organ donors.

Having already lost 15 young friends between them, whose wait for a transplant was in vain, Emma and Emily decided to take matters into their own hands to raise awareness of the incredible Gift of Life that people can pass on by donating their organs.  They threw themselves into a new T-shirt campaign ... and LLGL was born.

In 2007, Emily finally received her double lung transplant just in time and several new members were added to the LLGL campaign team.  In 2014 she received a second lung transplant, but unfortunately was unable to regain her strength and finally lost her battle with CF in December that year.  Her memory will live on within the charity that she so passionately founded.

The charity was officially registered in 2008.



LLGL continues to gain momentum, attracting both national and international attention and gaining support from all over the UK.  In 2008 the team finally achieved their goal of gaining charitable status and, in September that year, won “Campaigning Team of the Year” at the Charity Times Awards, topping this with the “Best New Charity” Award in 2009.  In 2011, the charity was a finalist in the “Charity of the Year” category (the people's choice) at the JustGiving awards.  We continue our aim to grow and flourish, spreading the word on organ donation.