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We had the worst day of our life, but three other people would have had the best day of theirs.”

43% of families stop organ donation because they don’t know their loved ones’ wishes. Talk about yours.”

Someone else’s generosity was required to save her life.”

Waiting on the list gives me hope, but it isn’t a guarantee.”

Live Life Give Life is an organ donation awareness charity.

Our goal is to get people to sign up and then share their organ donor choices, so that their family will honour their decision when the time comes. We’re doing this through campaigns, educational youth projects and activations.

Do you know your family's and friends' choices about organ donation?

3 people die every day in the UK waiting for an organ transplant. That’s thousands of children, women and men every year.?

A lack of available organs is partly due to families of the deceased refusing to let organs go forward for donation - even if the deceased is a registered donor.

Let's talk about organ donation so that our loved ones know our choices and can honour them.


Organ Donation Facts.

Fact 1

All major faiths in the United Kingdom support organ donation.

Fact 2

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up to the donor register.

Fact 3

The oldest donated organs came from a 107-year-old Scottish woman.

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