The Day of the Living is our campaign to raise awareness of donation, remember those who donated, and celebrate those who are only living because of donations. 

Inspired by the colourful Mexican festival The Day of the Dead, in which ancestors are remembered with a vibrant and colourful festival; The Day of the Living campaign will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation with the same energy, optimism and joy. 

Instead of Dia de los Muertos we are celebrating the Dia de los Vivos!

The campaign is a nationwide celebration of donation, stressing the good the generous act can do. This year we created laser carved pumpkin portraits of organ donors to encourage donor registration and highlight how a donor's ‘light lives on’. We will be revealing who these people are and the inspirational stories behind these portraits leading up to the Day of the Living. 

The Day of the Living takes place on the same day as the Day of the Dead - Sunday, 1st November. 

How do I get involved?

It is customary to light candles and decorate shrines with marigolds as part of the festivities.  We would love you to join us in lighting candles to #celebrateadonor, wear something orange to support our campaign or share orange-themed ‘Skulfies’ with us to remember and celebrate the generosity of donors.