Life Stories

Sam's Story

A few weeks ago I received a phonecall at work in Newcastle to be told my wife, Sam, had been taken ill at a meeting near Stevenage and was being taken to the stroke assessment ward.  During my journey from Newcastle to Stevenage I was told that she had suffered a bleed on the brain.  By the time I arrived at the CCU ... it was described as a massive bleed for which nothing could be done.  My teenage sweetheart and beloved wife of 30 years died in front of me three days later.

In the past we had discussed organ donation, with me often joking that I wanted to go to my grave 'fully assembled'. Sam said that organ donation did much good, but neither of us had signed up to the organ donation register.  I asked for her organs to be donated and have now signed the organ donation register myself.

Both the hospital and transplant team could not have been more caring and supportive.  It is a great comfort to me that my wife's organs have given six people a chance of a better life and that her heart is still beating and her lungs are still breathing.

Sam was such a loving and giving person.  Having a rare blood group has made her even more special.  

I have been privileged to have had a joyous marriage for so many years and I wish those who received her organs well.  All of the joy has left my life, but I genuinely wish the recipients the same joy that Sam and I experienced together.

David Harrison

February 2017