Recipient of a transplant



James Lewis (pictured aged 4) was one of many British children awaiting a heart transplant.  Unfortunately there is a chronic shortage of child donors as most parents are reluctant to sign up their children to the organ donor register.

Fortunately for James he received a new heart at the end of 2014 - just in time - and has now started school and is enjoying an active life.

During the agonising wait for his new heart, James's family made the following video to help raise awareness of the situation.  Please watch it here. Think about it.  Have the conversation.

You can also read James’s story in a feature which appeared in The Daily Mail on 10/6/14:

As a result of James's condition, he subsequently also needed a new kidney.  In July 2016 his mother, Kate, donated one of her kidneys to James.  Both are making a good recovery.