Carla Gair


On 22nd December 2014 I received my gift of life.  After 14 months on the waiting list, seven false alarms and two weeks on the urgent list, I finally received my life-saving heart transplant. 

I spent a total of two months in hospital, far from home and my family: one month before transplant (as I was too unwell to be at home) and one month of recovery afterwards.  I missed Christmas 2014 but made up for it when I finally got home and was reunited with my gorgeous, strong children. 

I think of my donor and their family every single day.  I am so grateful to be alive thanks to their brave decision.

Towards the end of my heart failure I was literally bed bound and unable to even wash myself without help.  Now I can walk with ease and climb the stairs without feeling breathless or collapsing as I had done previously.  Incredible! 

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