LLGL is a small charity with almost all work done voluntarily plus a small amount of paid administrative support. We pride ourselves on being able to channel all funds directly into improving the lives of transplant patients by way of raising awareness of the cause and supporting research activities.  We also contribute to discussions around strategy and long-term activities to support our aims with both NHSBT and other charities in the same field, eg The Donor Family Network (among others).

We look to achieve our aims by way of using creativity, resourcefulness and voluntary support to maximise our reach.  The nature of our organisation allows everyone to get involved and learn new skills, if required.

We have an excellent team, all of whom give their time and effort (and often that of their friends and family too) to promote a cause that has personally affected us all.  

We are always looking for more people with the same motivation and time to help drive us forward.  If you are interested in joining our team, please email us on info@livelifegivelife.org.uk.  Please include details of your connection to organ donation.