Suzi Harris


I’m mummy to five beautiful daughters.  Although I have always been aware of organ donation, it wasn’t until my eldest daughter’s best friend died, a year after receiving her new kidney, that I saw and felt the effects.  Tragically, my eldest daughter was killed just 14 months after her best friend.  Under the worst possible circumstances, there was no decision to be made - of course she would be an organ donor.

I have seen and felt the effect that organ donation has had, not only on the donor/recipient, but their whole family and friend community.  To give another chance of life to a person and to hold on to a little bit of hope, knowing that the most precious person in your life has made a difference to others, has been of some comfort.

Since the death of my daughter, LLGL has been a positive focus in my life and my heart.  I have a personal understanding of both recipient and donor families, which I believe gives me the motivation and drive to help promote awareness of organ donation, this most precious and deserving cause.

Suzi Harris

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