Paul Welsh


Hi all, I’m Paul.

At the age of seven I had no idea how my life was going to change - from being carefree to becoming reliant on hospitals.  I was diagnosed with renal problems - my kidneys had become swollen and damaged.  I started Peritoneal Dialysis in 1997.

After a few months I was lucky enough to receive a transplant, although I still had to visit hospital for regular checks.  Unfortunately the transplant failed in 2002 and I went back to dialysis (this time it was Haemodialysis) for four hours three times a week.  The transplant, together with a blood transfusion in 1989, had caused me to have HLA antibodies which made the chances of having further transplantation narrower than normal.

In 2008 I had a second transplant - this time from my wife.  However, due to complications because of the antibodies, this failed after 15 months.  After several missed calls to Addenbrokes Hospital I received a third transplant in June 2014.

I am now a Community Champion with Kidney Research UK and a member of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s Organ Donation Committee.  I have given various one-to-one and group talks about this subject and organised many fundraising events.  In 2015 I was nominated for Charity Fundraiser of the Year.  It is my ambition to spread the need for organ donation far and wide.

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