Hannah Kelleher


My name is Hannah.  I’m 25 and I’m from Portsmouth.

I was bought into the organ donation world in December 2011 when I underwent a heart transplant.  I was diagnosed with restrictive cardio-myopathy back in 2009.  It's a congenital heart disease which I had had since birth, however I hadn't been aware of this and didn't have any strong symptoms until I returned from a holiday in Kavos with pneumonia; they discovered it whilst I was in hospital.

This was a very scary time for me and my family as I had never even had a blood test before then and was suddenly thrown some life-changing news which meant I had some important decisions to make.  I knew this was my only chance otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the next six months to a year.  As scary as this seemed, I wasn’t ready to leave my family or give up.

I went on the transplant list on 22nd November 2011 and, remarkably, received the call for my transplant on 11th December 2011.  The operation went as well as it could and I have never looked back.  I have never been this healthy and I plan on doing a lot more things with my life in the future.

I am eternally grateful to my donor and I now feel ready to talk about it.  Being a part of Live Life Give Life will also give me a bigger opportunity to spread the word about organ donation and to give something back.

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