Gareth Jones


Three years ago, during an ultrasound after a routine visit to my GP, I was told I had two lumps in my liver and my blood test had shown me to be slightly anaemic.  I was fast-tracked to hospital for further tests, convinced that I had liver cancer and wouldn’t see the next Christmas. 

I was then referred to Kings Hospital in London for more scans and tests, after which they concluded that I had two cystadanomas which were impacting the bile duct, backing up bile and causing my liver to work flat out.  We discussed the possibility of a transplant and I was to be monitored every three months.  Suddenly things deteriorated.  My blood results were dramatic and I was rapidly losing weight.  My best option would be to have a transplant.  By August I was on the List.

I am using my story to raise awareness of organ donation, so every month I have set myself some sort of physical challenge.  A tutu - orginally used to help bump up my page likes for a Parkrun - appears to have become my uniform for the challenges! 

You never think anyone you know or love could need a transplant.  Those on the List can help themselves by exercising which massively helps recovery; it also helps me cope mentally as I wait for my call.  Make sure your loved ones know your wishes should anything happen.  It helps to make some sense out of losing those people if the situation arises.

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