Daniel Cornet


Daniel is two years old.  He was born with End Stage Renal Failure. Despite the best efforts of his doctors to help him sustain what little kidney function he had, at ten months old his body could no longer cope and he started dialysis.

Since then Daniel has been kept alive by enduring ten hours of dialysis every day and has had numerous hospital admissions.  To date he has had 13 operations.

Kidney disease affects everything; because of this he also has bone disease and is fed via a tube.  This would all change with a transplant which would enable him to be a little boy and enjoy his childhood.

We are currently looking for a live donor and have someone being tested.  However, it's not a cure; a new kidney won't last him the rest of his life.  That's why we, as a family, are backing organ donation.  The difference it makes to people's lives is indescribable.

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