Daniel Adeyemo


I'm 32 and was diagnosed with PSC in 2011.  My disease progressed rapidly and soon there were signs that I would need a liver transplant.  

In November 2013 I was admitted to hospital with severe symptoms and spent six weeks in care.  I was released a few days before Christmas and, in January 2014, I was placed on the transplant list.  With my blood group I might have to wait up to 18 months.

I decided to join the growing army of fundraisers, disease awareness campaigners, family, friends and loved ones of those who have been unfortunate to lose their battle.  I did so by raising money for PSC Support - a group of volunteers who work tirelessly to help others.  It was a hard journey, but through it I met so many people I would never have met otherwise. 

Thankfully I received a liver transplant on 28th January 2015.  My hospital recovery time was 28 days.  My new liver was split in two; half was given to me and half went to a nine-year-old boy.  God is good and I'd like to give a special thank you to the donor and their family for giving us a second chance.  Words can't describe the magnitude of what has been done for me.

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